Calorie Intake And Weight Loss

For many people with lots of pounds to lose, finding ways to lose the excess baggage can be a challenge. The more weight there is to lose, the harder is it for people to keep at it for long periods of time. There are actually many weight loss methods available. But not all may work with all people. Certain questions abound regarding this matter, more specifically of how calorie counting can affect weight loss.

Calorie counting is a method of weight loss where people try to maintain or keep track or monitor their calorie consumption. Many people believe that it is the amount of calories that you consume that either makes you fat or thin.

Counting those calories is not just simply about reading the labels that you see in food packages. Calorie counting to lose weight is also based on your activity level to determine the right amount of calories that you need to consume to maintain a healthy weight. For those who wish to follow this method towards weight loss, here are some important things to consider.

Set A Weight Loss Goal

One way to determine your end result when doing some calorie counting towards weight loss requires certain limits. Not necessarily limits but more of a set standard. The limit is usually about the set weight that you are aiming for your weight loss. This will help provide you with a goal to reach and will act as your motivation.

Determine Your Activity Level

Aside from the weight loss goal, you also need to take your own activity level into consideration. This will help determine the ease or the difficulty of reaching your weight loss goal. If you are quite active and exercise regularly 3 or 4 times a week for as long as an hour each session, then you need to multiply your goal weight by 15. If you do not exercise at all, multiply your number by 13. If you tend to work out every day for an hour each then you can multiply your weight goal by 20. That would be the necessary calorie intake that you’re working towards.

Calorie Control

After you have both numbers handy, try to subtract the total from the physical activity levels with the actual average daily calorie intake by Week 1. The result will be the basis for cutting a third of your calorie intake for each of the 3 weeks remaining. This is basically how calorie control bases its effectiveness in the clamor by many people to lose weight. You first determine the amount of calories you need to take and then work on trying to lessen the amount as you head on to Week 4. This will surely help you lose some poundage and will have you look healthier in no time.
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